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About Lena


My first name is Lena and my middle name is Yumi.





Yumi (ゆみ, ユミ,) is a common feminine Japanese given name which is occasionally used as a surname. From Japanese 弓 (yumi) meaning "archery bow". It can also come from 由 (yu) meaning "reason, cause", 友 (yu) meaning "friend" or a nanori reading of 弓 (yu) meaning "archery bow" combined with 美 (mi) meaning "beautiful".


Yumi can be written using different kanji characters and as a given name can mean:

  • 由美, "reason/cause, beauty"

  • 裕美, "abundant, beauty"

  • 夕実, "evening, fruit"

  • 優美, "tenderness, beauty"

  • 悠美, "permanence, beauty"

  • 祐美, "help/blessing, beauty"

  • 由実, "reason/cause, fruit"

  • 有美, "possessing beauty"

  • 夕美, "evening, beauty"

  • 友美, "friend, beauty"

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 My middle name is very important to me as represents my Okinawan (Japanese) Heritage. The rich cultural background of my ancestral roots passed on through the generations lives on through me and transpires in my everyday activities. I've been a licensed cosmetologist for 12 years now. I work in the beauty industry and grew up in it; with both of my parents being a stylist duo and salon owners.




XO Lena

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