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🌿 ✂️ Wholistic Hairstylist + The Conscious Client

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Meant to be used for both clients + hairstylists for a closer look into the services that a holistic hairstylist such as myself provides.

I then went on to become certified in the top organic color systems in the industry. But, that wasn’t enough because I knew there was more out there. I wanted to learn more about the scalp on a cellular level to get to the root of the problem. Therefore, I enrolled in a trichology program + hope to become certified in the near future. In the meantime I’m really enjoying learning about the science of the scalp + hair. I try my best to actively research outside of my course work about the scalp + stay engaged in the clean-green beauty communities around the world. I promise to always strive to use the best products I can find in the market, while also giving you "the conscious client" many good hair days.

1. Holistic Hairstylist + Conscious Client connect by a mutual understanding of the listed topics.

The conscious client is a lover of the planet, people, animals, + plants. She's mindful of the ingredients she uses + choses to support brands that align with her personal ethos. She realizes that she has the power to make educated decisions + by doing so she/he can support companies who place their customers wellness at top priority.


Just like a garden a happy head requires a good foundation. Your hair follicles on your scalp - similar to a plant require the right nutrients, air, water, light, temperature, space, and time to grow healthy hair. The skin on your scalp is more delicate, houses a higher number of sebaceous glands, sweat glands + hair follicles just below the surface. This makes it particularly sensitive to the care—or lack of care—that you give it. Keep in mind just like anti-aging skincare we can also take preventative measures when approaching scalp care that can potentially prevent or lessen the severity of premature hair loss + premature graying of the hair along with many other benefits. The scalp is an extension of the face and should be treated as such with a proper haircare regime.

Clean and Green beauty concepts

Clean beauty is a term that refers to non-toxic beauty; primarily safe for people. It’s generally made of naturally derived ingredients and some synthetics such as preservatives. True clean beauty should be plant-based, free of parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, petrolatum, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, synthetic colors or fragrances, GMOs, PABA, EDTA, or PEGs. Green beauty is generally made from ingredients as close to the plant as possible + is centered on environmentally conscious practices that in turn reduce your carbon footprint. This includes the sustainable + renewable sourcing of ingredients, production + packaging methods. In many ways green beauty is a social movement + a lifestyle choice. By choosing to go green you’re making a positive impact on your health, community + planet.

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The holistic hairstylist uses the cleanest haircare lines in the industry that contain the highest concentrations of organic + biodynamic ingredients. I use both 100% holistic hair color such as hair print + safer professional permanent hair color with the least harmful chemicals in the industry which exclude Ammonia, PPD, Resorcinol, + Gluten.

sustainable beauty options

• Offer products with a Negative Carbon Footprint

Only Sell and Use Recyclable Products

Offers free Formaldehyde treatments

Adopt Energy-Saving Practices • Use Ammonia-Free Hair Color

Use Refillable Products when possible

cruelty free beauty, cruelty free haircare, ethical beauty, vegan haircare, cruelty free hair products

Over 100 million animals a year die from animal testing + millions more are captured + are caged for the sole purpose of animal testing. Use products that don't support animal testing such as products endorsed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)


O&M Paint Powder🎨

Key Ingredients🔎

Kaolin Clay Mineral strengthens + protects hair against fading.

Montmorillonite Clay Mineral boosts the health of the hair + scalp, ensuring both remain protected + healthy.

Illite (French green clay) natural thickener, great absorbent properties + calms the skin.

Rice Powder helps create the controllable consistency of O&M Paint Powder.

Aloe Vera soothes + protects the scalp from


O&M CØR.color 🎨

The next generation of Ammonia, PPD, Resorcinol, Gluten-Free permanent hair color. Formulated with a revolutionary Molecular Blend CØR.color was created for chemically conscious consumers and committed hair stylists.

Key Ingredients 🔎

Desert Peach / Quandong Fruit is a unique superfood that keeps hair hydrated during the color process. Vitamin C&E, and phenolic acid, these properties condition and protect the hair and scalp from oxidative stress.

Desert Lime is a rich in methoxy flavone glycosides - limocitrine which are natural repairers of the scalp and help reinforce absorption of vital nutrients needed for healthy hair.

Wattle Seed is a plant is a based protein that aids in cell regeneration and synthesis of keratin during the color process.

Signature Oil Blend is a super duo of organic macadamia and organic coconut oil which enhance hair color vibrancy and longevity, calms frizzy unruly hair and promotes healthy hair growth by conditioning the scalp.

The list of products I used to create this look.

As a modern holistic hairstylist I try my absolute best to use the cleanest + most eco-friendly haircare products in the market. I like having options in an ever growing clean consumer industry, it allows me to expand + find brands that align with my personal ethos. The approved clean products that I work with go through a 1-3 month testing period; for the first month I only exclusively use the products on my own hair in the comfort of my own shower. If approved, it's then used on clients of different hair types (upon consent) where I then determine my

final decision based on my clients individual

responses + experiences.

One draw back in clean beauty is that it's largely unregulated so keep that in mind when searching for clean haircare. Make sure to always do your homework by reading the ingredient list or by finding a trusted source to use as your guide. Fragrances are still very common in clean haircare formulas. At large 96% of all shampoos, 98% of conditioners + 97% of styling products in the world contain fragrance. It seems to be a very non-negotiable in haircare + a major selling point for haircare brands. True clean beauty should be plant-based, free of parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, petrolatum, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, synthetic colors or fragrances, GMOs, PABA, EDTA, or PEGs.

*However, I do make exceptions with synthetic fragrances on occasion only if the full fragrance ingredient list is provided, it’s 100% phthalate free and the least potent - last ingredient on the list. The company should ideally post this information readily on their website along with the other ingredients in the product + if it isn’t they at the very least should provide it upon request. In my opinion if I'm paying for something I have the right to know what's in it and it should be a basic right I shouldn't be denied from.

Read -----> UPDATE - Four Phthalates Added to the List of Restricted Substances

Below you'll find a personally prepared list of products I used to create this beautiful + voluminous look. Click any of the well loved + recommended clean haircare products on the list to learn more about them.

1. Cleanse + Condition to revitalize your locks for the perfect base to begin styling.

A gentle color safe shampoo that also doubles as a hydrating wash for dry uncolored hair. Key Ingredients: coconut ,pumpkin seed oils and shea butter

Lightweight and build up-free, it moisturizes and strengthens hair while delivering energy and shine.

Key ingredients: rice bran oil, aloe vera, avocado, emollient oils and flower essences.

* The Color Radiance line is best for medium textured, color treated hair or hair that is on the drier side.

2. Scalp Massage + Deep Conditioning treatment. Repair, protect, replenish and balance the scalp after a color service with a nourishing scalp treatment while indulging your hair from length to ends with a deeply hydrating hair mask.

Repair and revitalize after a color service with a hydrating treatment on the lengths of your hair with this luxurious hair masque.

Key Ingredients: flax seed, shea butter, coconut + tamanu oils + quinoa to repair hair while delivering rich hydration + shine.

*Best for dry, thick, thirsty hair.

While masking I usually like to incorporate a soothing scalp massage to energize the skin, scalp + hair. Elixir # 3 is known as a powerhouse energizer of skin, hair + follicle. It promotes regeneration, detoxing of the follicles, blood circulation, healing + balance which promotes growth.

Key Ingredients: Turmeric, Rosemary, Black Pepper Oil, Ginger, Sage, Marula, Jojoba oil + Red mandarin oil.

* Optional : Innersense Leave - in - conditioner after the treatments only if needed.

3. Prepare your hair for heat + Styling

Heat is one of the biggest causes of hair damage therefore taking proper measures before applying heat is important to reduce the risk of damage. Add any other products meant to be used on damp hair for volume or hold can be applied at this step.

Hair Love Prep Spray - Innersense Organic Beauty

Prime + prepare your hair with love with this nourishing priming spray that provides body, style retention + thermal care. In addition to all those lovely benefits, Hair Love Prep Spray also protects your hair from UV + environmental exposure.

Key Ingredients:

Vitamin B, Rice Protein, Baobab and angelica root provide care for thermal, UV + environmental exposure.

*Perfect for all hair textures + works well with all hair types.

A light weight styler that can be used from root to ends for lift and boosted volume. I used this product at my models roots just for a tad of extra volume. It can also be used as a root refresher between washes.

Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Honey, Sugarcane + Pumpkin Seed Oil

*Works well with all hair types.

4. Blow Dry + Curl

5. Set + Shine

Prepare the hair style for a long lasting hold from day to night looks by locking hair in place. Finish up the look by adding shine to the hair with a light oil to break up the hair + create maximum movement + shine.

A long-lasting hairspray that sets hair in place without the flaking and sticky feeling. It really allows for a beautiful movement and shine in the hair. This hairspray does contain fragrance, but it's Phthalate free + the fragrance ingredient list was provided upon request. Email me if you'd like me to send to you by leaving a comment below.

Key Ingredients: Australian Lilly Pilly Flower, Australian Quandong Fruit +

Vitamin B

*Works well with all hair types.

A versatile finishing spray that provides shine and hold. If you're sensitive to fragrance there are other fully nontoxic options with zero synthetic fragrance, in example John Masters Organics + Josh Rosebrook has hairspray that works decently, but it has a ten become extremely stiff on the hair which isn't ideal.

Key Ingredients: Certified Organic honey, organic rooibos tea, Aloe + rice proteins.

*Works well with all hair types (specifically curly in my opinion)

A lightweight finishing spray serum that creates a glamorous shine while calming frizz and flyaways. I apply it on the hair concentrating on the ends of the hair working my way up with my hands to the mid lengths to enhance maximum movement and shine on the hair.

Key Ingredients: Biodynamic Marrubium, Organic Black Quinoa, Ethical Marula Oil + Amla Extract

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