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Reverie | Eco Luxury Shampoo + Conditioner

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

In my experience clean shampoo is one of the most difficult beauty products to replicate. It’s so hard to find one that really gives my scalp a good cleanse and to be honest I’ve tried using natural shampoos without surfactants.....and it’s just not for me. I need a sulfate-free formula that performs as expected because I can’t walk around with greasy hair. I want my hair to look, smell and feel good. I won’t compromise those 3 things. Aside from that it’s not just about me, as a hairstylist I have people that depend on me. Therefore, I carry a variety of different brands to choose from and use at the salon. It really all just depends on my clients needs. During my consultations we discuss what your hair goals are, health concerns, skin sensitivities, conscious beauty topics, hair health and more. One of the most important things to me above everything is transparency. I only use brands that are 100% transparent about their ingredients and match my personal ethos. Okay....I’ll stop rambling and get into the review.

Reverie Shampoo + Conditioner Purchased at Credo Beauty

I’ve used these consistently for a few months. It performs lot better than many clean shampoos that I’ve used. It’s not life changing or anything, but still has a good lather and the conditioner has the right amount of moisture. However, if you’re breakout prone this may not be for you. It has a citrus/sandlewoody/light vanilla/ jasmine/musky-earthy like smell that I enjoyed, but it may not be for everyone. In conclusion it’s a decent luxury shampoo + conditioner. I liked it but not enough to repurchase it because at $40 a bottle I expect a much more than average experience and optimal performance that really wows me.

Ingredients: * Fair Trade * Sourced from small, EcoCert family farms across the globe * Gluten-free * Vegan * Cruelty-free * Leaping Bunny certified Free from: * Sodium Lauryl Sulfates * Silicones * Phthalates * Parabens * Glycols * Petrochemicals * Artificial Fragrance * Dyes * Animal Derivatives * T.E.A * D.E.A.

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